Biography :

A singer and percussionist, was born in New York City. As a child, Anthony?s parents placed him in many activities, one of those being music at the age of 6, after showing much interest in "bomba y plena" rhythms during the holidays in Puerto Rico. Since then, he has studied with music greats such as Angel Rodriguez, Little Johnny Rivero, and Charlie Lagond. In his young career, Anthony has incorporated the Latin percussion instruments with various styles and genres. As a vocalist who plays percussion simultaneously, Anthony?s energetic performance and frontman stage presence offer a breathtaking experience to audiences.

        At a young age, he has already performed with a wide breadth of artists, including Johnny Pacheco and Dave Valentin. Anthony has recently toured with Kid Creole and The Coconuts, also participating in lead singer August Darnell?s musical "Cherchez La Femme". In 2013, he performed alongside star dancers D?Angelo and Amanda on ?America?s Got Talent.? Anthony also studied at Manhattan School of Music Sumer Camp, Boys Harbor Conservatory, and Lagond Music School before joining them as a percussion instructor at the age of seventeen.

        He is currently the percussionist and/or vocalist for Kid Creole and The Coconuts, New York based salsa band Grupo Arcano, and the Jonny Hirsch Band. He graduated from Lehman College with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, concentrated in Marketing and International Business, and is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance with an advanced certificate in Sports & Entertainment Business. At Thalia he was last seen in Cali Salsa pal Mundo?s sold-out hit ?History of Salsa?.

Productions :
  With Anthony Almonte